• Builders reformat cottages in Kiev flats

    Builders reformat cottages in Kiev Ukraine apartment buildings, March 21. -. The lack of growth of sales in the cottage construction forces developers to find new solutions to grow your business. In 2012, a number of development companies have started the process of reformatting the private houses in their towns under the multi-storey building with a view to further the sale of their per-apartment. This was reported in LigaBusinessInform. Particularly popular is the solution becomes of business-class towns where home sales are the lowest. Not being able to lower the price to the level of economy-offers (do not allow investments in the early stages of construction), or raise them to the elite (the discrepancy of location, infrastructure and social level), the developers are looking for any way to avoid having to “freeze” their projects. According at the moment to transform the multi-storey houses in the House have already announced two cottage town in the direction of Obukhov, three towns in Zhytomyr, and seven towns on the Left Bank. At the same time before the developers that have decided to reformat their homes this way, a number of serious issues. Among them: the issue of commissioning multi-family buildings on the land earmarked for a private house or a cottage (now it is legally possible), and compliance with trade-housing construction standards (for example, knows how to react to the foundation to more load in the form of two or three the suspended floors). Recall, according to SV Development, the average cost of individual houses (cottages) in the Kiev region for the period from February 7 to March 6, 2012 increased by 0.10% ($ 1).


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